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I often compare my head with "Hamburg Hauptbahnhof" -a very busy station with a constant traffic rush, trains coming and going more or less nonstop.

In my head there are doubt trains, worry trains, planning trains, things to do trains... For years I tried to find a way into meditation, but my busy head takes over when the silence arrives. About 3 years ago I discovered mantra meditation and I then kept on bumping into the words Kundalini Yoga. About one and a half years ago I found the most wonderful little yoga studio in Hjørring with the most vibrant and radiant owner and teacher Pernille Angad Dybro Kristensen ♡ Kundalini Yoga Love, Light and Peace. I was having a very hard time at work and I needed help to survive. I was stressed, frustrated, without strength and energy. I had no intentions what so ever starting with a new education!! But after half a year of kundalini yoga classes, the mix of Love, Light and Peace, going within, strenght and discipline plus my beloved mantra meditation; Upping the doses and starting with the education felt like the only way to survive. Through the education, the Kundalini Yoga, the teachings and the interaction as well as support with and from my amazing fellow students I found the strength to do what was right for me. I have also had the enormous privilege of seeing fellow students finding their way and their strenght.

With gratitude and love

Hanne - Psychotherapist

Hvem står bag uddannelsen?

Under vingerne af en af verdens mest erfarne yogalæreruddannere, Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa, vil et internationalt team af dygtige og dedikerede internationale lærere guide dig ind i dybet af kundaliniyogaens rødder og grundlæggende teknikker. Uddannelsen udbydes af dyb:ro:yoga og i-SKY (International School of Kundalini Yoga).
Vi guider dig igennem din proces med nærvær og omsorg i en konkurrence-fri og tryg atmosfære.

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